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GM Liberty Zenith Robotic Milking System

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GM3000 Farm Management....

The GM3000 and MR2000 control boxes featured in the Zenith Milking System. (Picture copyright belongs to Shaun Wheeler)

The GM3000 is part of the total GM Liberty Zenith Automatic Milking System. It makes your farm automation complete. It means that administrative matters like reproduction (cow calendar), milk yields and feeding are kept very clearly and up to date on your PC.

Cows are identified in the system by either ear tag or neck band type transponders, and once they pass the entrance gate, their movement within the system is monitored by simple photo-electric cells. If they are due to be milked, (the general rule applied is that a cow should produce not less than 7 litres of milk before she is milked) they are let into the milking passage, but if not, they are diverted away from the robot. If a cow returns too soon, she will not be allowed to enter the milking system. Should the cow not be milked for any reason, had mastitis detected or need shedding off for AI or to go with calves, on leaving the robot, automatic identification and photo electric cells direct the cow to a holding pen by means of electro-pneumatic diversion gates. 

The GM3000 System enables you to link milking records automatically to other farm activities like breeding, feeding, pasture management etc. At the same time, by means of a modem connection, you are able to communicate with other interested parties, such as milk records, so that your screen always displays your current farm information.

When the cows visit the robot, the management system gathers the latest data regarding the performance of your animals. The system shows through simple reports, if the animals visit the robot either above or below your expectations. Under the ever changing, modern way of working, the system makes it possible to be continuously up to date and to improve the performance of your animals and other farm activities.

With a simple push on the button, you are able to manage each individual cow. No matter if it concerns the calculation of the feed ration, separating the milk or animals, the adjustment of groups or grazing, automatic pre or post milking selection; you are able to co-ordinate all these items and more, from behind your PC.

view of the 'dirty side' of a four stall GM Liberty Zenith AMS (Picture copyright belongs to Shaun Wheeler)

The system allows the cows to enter at their leisure, doing away with the problems of cows being tightly packed in a collecting yard, improving the temperament of the animals, as well as their well being.

In short, GM Liberty proves its knowledge of modern dairy animal husbandry by means of its proven and comprehensive in-house designed farm automation system.

If you need spare parts for your Gascoigne Melotte GM3000 system, please contact us.

Please note that the GM liberty AMS has now been withdrawn from the market indefinitely.

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