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DeLaval Milking Parlours

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A better future for milk production

If your primary objective is to milk a number of cows in a certain time, or your focus is on the milkers environment and comfort, DeLaval and DC Engineering have the right parlour solution for you.

A modern, effective milking parlour will increase your profits, give better milk hygiene, improve udder health, and reduce labour costs. Stalls that are 15-20 years old will no longer meet modern standards or demands for cow traffic, not least because cows today are much larger. Improved cow positioning, operator safety and access to the udder are extremely important benefits of the modern parlours you will find on this website. With DeLaval and DC Engineering, you get the freedom to choose a solution that is not only tailor made, but also able to be expanded to meet your future needs.

Click on the hyperlinks to see the different types of parlour in more detail.

If you need more information or a quotation for a new installation, please do not hesitate to contact us.


herringbone parloursHerringbone Parlours 

are designed to make the milker's working procedure safe and efficient. You can choose either side or back leg milking. Herringbone also means batch milking, enabling a continuous flow of cows in and out of the parlour. An important advantage of Herringbone parlours is their suitability for larger herds. The system can be easily extended.


Parallel Parloursparallel parlours

provide for fast entrance and exit of cows, and the milking procedure is made more efficient due to a shorter walking distance for the milker between cows. The cows are milked from behind, giving the operator easy access and a perfect view of the udder. The indexing system can be used to bring cows closer to the pit edge, and thereby an optimum milking position.


tandem parloursTandem parlours

provide for side milking. The cows stand in separate stalls along the pit, enabling the milker to give individual cows attention whilst maintaining an excellent overview of the parlour. Health problems and breeding status are easily identifiable and the system is known for calm, relaxed cows. DeLaval's electronically controlled Tandem parlours are automatically filled with a new cow as soon as one has been milked.


Rotary Parloursrotary parlours

are for milk producers who require high throughput performance. At the same time, they generate very good working conditions. DeLaval has several different rotary milking systems, with back or side milking, and inside or outside parlour milking. Working conditions are comfortable, as the cows move, rather than the operator.


midiline milking systemsMidiline Milking Systems

have one cluster in the middle of the pit, serving both sides of the parlour. Compared to a double milking unit, the throughput per cluster is significantly higher. The shared cluster is seldom idle, giving you a cost-effective investment in milking technology. Stall work is of the herringbone type, and you have the option of the no frills Slim type of parlour.


VMS - voluntary milking systemRobotic Milking Systems

are designed for automatically milking the cows with the minimum of operator input. The system provides for greater automation, higher quality milk and more natural and humane conditions for both dairy herds as well as farmers. The system milks the cow when she wants to be milked.


Parlour Accessories

Beside milking parlours and equipment, DeLaval and DC Engineering  offer a range of parlour accessories to make your work easier and more comfortable, including crowd gates, cutter gates and the adjustable parlour floor.  

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