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VMS™- Voluntary Milking System

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the milking system of tomorrow-available today. (But not in the UK)


        single stall VMS unit

Several trends are beginning to shape the future of the dairy farming industry. Some of the most important are demands for greater automation, higher milk quality and more natural and humane conditions for both dairy herds as well as farmers.

DeLaval will help you meet all of these challenges. That is why the VMS has been developed to be the new generation of automated milking system, that is voluntary entered by the cow as soon as she wants to be milked. The system then automatically cleans the teats, carries out the milking, feeds the cows and keeps records of the milk yield.

An arm as flexible as a herdsmans.

Multi purpose arm

The multi purpose arm is modelled on the natural flexibility and range of movement of the human arm to readily accommodate udder and teat irregularities. It also effectively handles all teat cleaning, teat cup attachment and disinfection, and it acts as an intelligent service arm. The touch screen interface provides you with fast and intuitive control over your VMS. Easy access to the cows udder facilitates visual inspection and removes the need for a milking pit.

The best way to locate teats.

Laser and camera

The combination of a laser and a vision camera really 'sees' the teats. This technology allows for efficient teat detection and quick teat cup attachment.

A FloMaster for each quarter.

Quarter milking

The VMS makes quarter milking possible. Four optical indicators measure flow, quantity, milking time and quality from individual teats, and one FloMaster milk meter measures yield. A specially designed receiver unit collects the milk around the clock to ensure top quality.

No fear of contaminating the milk.

Teat cup cleaning

Water based teat cleaning with unique separate teat cup cleaning, provides for optimal hygiene and meets the most demanding requirements. The combined pre-milking and teat cleaning activities are totally separate from the milking circuit. It also features back-flushing and outside cleaning of the teat cups. Teat cups are designed for easy liner change.

All stainless stallwork.

Stainless steel tandem

The easy to clean, stainless steel tandem box is a cow friendly structure that helps to encourage the cows to keep coming back, thereby creating a Voluntary Milking System - VMS.

Do we think of everything?

Clean Milking Area

The manure plate automatically lowers into place, according to the length of each individual cow, to divert splashing manure away from the milking area.

One size suits all!

Individual adjustment

When the cow is identified, the manger frame adjusts to each individual cows length, and feed is dispensed into the manger.


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