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Introduction to robotic milking....

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GM Liberty AMS

By taking the time to look at the following links, you can get a good idea of the way robotic milking has developed so far. They go into much more detail than I can, as the market place in the United Kingdom is still in it's infant stage, we have not got the experience of the systems like the Scandinavians have, but the technology is now becoming  accepted as being the way forward.

If you were to go back to your Grandfathers day, I should imagine the way of thinking towards 'machine milking' was as strange an idea as milking the cows by robot in our day.

The way forward would seem to be using a robotic system to milk your cows, as quality Herdsmen/women are becoming fewer and far between, some of the younger generation of herdsmen not having the total devotion to their work as older hands used to, but will the robotic system mean the end of another skilled trade?

Robot Milking and Milk Quality.

Robotic Milking Systems - Now and in the future

The definitive Robotic Milking Site


Soon to be seen on most UK farms? (Copyright of this picture belongs to Shaun Wheeler)

Prospects for Robotic Milking

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Isle of Wight weather conditions.

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