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DeLaval Pulsation Systems.

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the heart of the milking machine.

The pulsator is one of the most important parts of the milking installation. It must maintain a constant pulsation rate and ratio, regardless of temperature, humidity and other factors.

EP100B - THE pulsation system you need

DeLaval EP100B (Pacer)

The EP Master Unit contains all the electronics and other electrical equipment for controlling the electronic pulsation system. The electronic signal is transformed into pneumatic pulses in each EP100B pulsator. The pulsator has servo-operated valves which facilitate the use of compact low-energy solenoids. The individual pulsator units breathe filtered air, keeping ingress of dust to a minimum. Routine maintenance is kept to a minimum, the system only needing new air filters and diaphragms yearly.


Intelligent electronic pulsators for trouble free milking

DeLaval EP70 Pulsators

Now you no longer need to rely on the rhythmic sound from the pulsators to indicate that milking is performed in the right way. With the new electronically self-controlled pulsator EP70 you have a clear light indication that the milking system is working well.


EP2090 - electronic pulsator

DeLaval EP2090

The rhythmic pulse of the EP2090 electronic pulsator is a sure sign of a healthy milking system. The EP2090 uses the same technology as its brother, the EP100B, with the major difference being that the EP2090 is a self contained unit, housing all the electronics inside its lid. Unaffected by temperature, humidity and other environmental factors, the EP2090 electronic pulsator guarantees a constant pulsation rate and ratio.

HP102 pulsator

DeLaval HP102

Based on the well-proven design of its predecessor, the HP100, the new unit has several new features, which make it even more reliable and robust with improved performance.


We can also offer a wide range of both electronic and pneumatic pulsators and pulsation systems, including Sure Line, Waikato, ATL, Davlec, Fullwood and Kingston Somerset. Electronic pulsation controllers can be repaired also. Please contact us with your requirements and we will do our best to help you.


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