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Milking Machine Terminology -

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pulsation system


Cyclic opening and closing of a liner



Simultaneous pulsation

When cyclic movement of all liners within a cluster is synchronised.



Alternate pulsation

When cyclic movement of half the number of liners within a cluster alternates with the movement of the other half.



Pulsation cycle

One complete liner movement sequence.



Pulsation rate

The number of pulsation cycles per minute. Usually in the range of 50ppm to 60ppm.



Pulsation ratio

The sum of the durations of the increasing vacuum phase and the maximum vacuum phase divided by the duration of the complete pulsation cycle in the pulsation chamber vacuum. This ratio is expressed as a percentage by the following expression:               (a+b / a+b+c+d) x 100. Usually in the range of 50:50 to 70:30.




A device for producing cyclic pressure change.



Pulsator controller

A mechanism to operate pulsators, either integral with a single pulsator (self contained pulsator) or a system controlling several pulsators. (usually electronic)

[also see dynamics of pulsation]

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