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Milk Rite Liners

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DeLaval Liners

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the vital connection

The liner plays a very important role on the dairy farm, and it must be remembered that the liner is one of the few devices which has direct contact with living animal tissue. Using worn or incorrect liners causes discomfort to the cow, and usually leads to an increase in the chances of injury or mastitis occurring.

Every day more than 20 million cows are milked with Alfa Laval liners

Over a long period of time, researchers have studied how different qualities of the liners affect milking, milk quality and udder health.

The aim of their work has been to optimise material, design and performance of the liners and thereby provide the farmers with the possibility of increasing the economic benefits of their work and investments. This development work has enabled us to offer a wide range of liners which suit all types of dairy cows.

The use of shielded designs have been proven to minimise the effects of teat end impacts and therefore new infections of mastitis. research has provided us with the knowledge of how liners age during application, and how this affects milking.

New liners have a well balanced elasticity and flexibility providing a teat massage which stimulates the cow and improves the milking result. When the rubber ages, it swells and the surface hardens. Even small invisible changes in the shape of the rubber and its flexibility can cause significant deterioration in the cows well being.

With time, microscopic cracks appear in the rubbers surface. These cracks provide a good foothold for different deposits. Both the cracks as well as the deposits are an ideal breeding ground for bacteria. It is, therefore, extremely important to replace liners within the recommended 2500 milkings rule if udder infections are to be prevented, and milk buyers guide liners are to be adhered to.

Rubber viewed by the eye, and under a microscope.

 Pure Facts

We are able to offer a replacement range of DeLaval liners, from manufacturers such as Milk-Rite. These can offer a large saving over OEM liners and inflations. Please contact us.

Liner change chart for twice a day milking can be downloaded as a pdf file here.

Liner change chart for three times a day milking can be downloaded as a pdf file here.

(You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader as a free download)


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