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PTO driven farm generators from DC Engineering

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This page is for information only. Froment Generators are no longer supported or available to purchase.

When that vital power fails...you can depend on a Froment Magnate tractor driven generator.

There is no sector of agriculture that does not rely heavily on electricity. Whether it is for milking on a dairy farm, maintaining the correct environment on pig and poultry units or managing glass houses in horticulture, power failure spells loss of cash.

In an industry where margins grow even tighter, that loss of cash, those hours without power, are often disastrous.

Investment in a tractor driven standby generator acts as an insurance and removes one of farming's risks as precautionary crop-spraying and medication remove others. You can reduce that risk further by using a Froment generator.

Froment generators remove your dependence on mains supply so that you are always self-contained and always keep going to protect your profits. Froment were the first company to mass produce tractor-driven generators over 38 years ago and have steadfastly been serving farmers worldwide since.

The Magnate is available in two principle forms - as static or portable units. The specification of each generator is totally flexible, but most Magnates are supplied as complete packages which can be installed on site and used immediately without the need for additional ancillary equipment.

A Static Magnate package includes the proven Magnate generator, the safety accessory box with Speedlite and circuit breaker, a change over switch, mounting rails and drive shaft.

The Portable Magnate Powerpack has the generator, a saddle mounted control box with Speedlite and circuit breaker, earth leakage trip, main output socket and plug, 2 x 16a 230v outlets with RCD protection, a drive shaft, and a chassis for category 1 or 2 three-point linkage mounting.

The portable generator can perform the same duties as the statically installed equipment as well as providing power to operate equipment on site, in a field, or where ever you need it. Anywhere the tractor can go - you can have power.

Each precision-engineered unit has an unparalleled specification that employs the best materials to ensure long life and reliability. At the same time, through their need for minimum maintenance, they are simple to use and rapidly brought into action when the need arises.

Why does a Magnate cost more money?

Why should I pay your price when I can buy a much cheaper unit?

The three main reasons why the Magnate Tractor-Driven Generator costs more and is better value for your money are:-

Additional protection with the Speedlite Plus!

All Magnate Generators have the Speedlite Plus fitted as standard. This makes it simple for you to set the tractor speed. The bright lamp, easy to see from the tractor cab, is lit steadily if all is OK. It flashes slowly, if the tractor PTO is running too slow, or quickly if it is running too fast. The Speedlite Plus! also protects your sensitive electrical equipment. It will automatically disconnect the output of the generator if the voltage or frequency goes outside safe limits for more than a few seconds.

There's a whole range, built to high standards

We offer a complete range of Magnate Generators and ancillary equipment, in both single and three phase versions. We have designed and built them all to industrial specifications and they comply fully with the latest International Standards covering electrical and safety requirements. Ask now for full details of the model to match your needs.


static generator

complete static package

portable power pack

Static Generator Complete static package Portable power pack
  •  Magnate tractor-driven generator

  • Heavy duty gearbox

  • Safety accessory box

  • Circuit breaker

  • Speedlite Plus! with remote lamp


  •  Magnate tractor-driven generator

  • Heavy duty gearbox

  • Safety accessory box

  • Circuit breaker

  • Speedlite Plus! with remote lamp

  • Heavy-duty long drive shaft

  • Galvanised mounting rails

  • Change over switch

  • Magnate tractor-driven generator

  • Heavy duty gearbox

  • Saddle mounted control box

  • Main output earth leakage and over current circuit breaker

  • Mains output socket complete with plug

  • Speedlite Plus!

  • Safety electrical interlock

  • Heavy-duty drive shaft

  • Galvanised chassis for category 1 or 2 three point linkage

All models are available in single phase 230v with outputs from 20kVa to 50kVa, and three phase 400v with outputs from 33kVa to 80kVa.


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