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The ALPRO™ activity meter.

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Heat detection made simple.

Four smart reasons for investing in ALPRO activity meters

  1. It's profitable! Higher conception rates and decreased calving intervals give more milk per cow per year.

  2. More reliable information through advanced collection and analysis of data.

  3. Easier planning of breeding activities with frequent updates of information in the system.

  4. High flexibility through a modular system


Put the activity meter on the same neckband as the transponderNeckband attachment

Activity meters are commonly attached to the cows leg. This can cause injury and infection. The neckband attachment of the ALPRO activity meter is much cleaner and there is no risk of cow injury or infection.

Profitable reproduction management

Most dairy farmers are fully aware of the many benefits of better breeding performance. In this respect, the activity meter is a valuable instrument for better timing of insemination. By shortening calving intervals, milk yield will increase due to more cows in lactation. When heat detection is improved, there will be fewer inseminations per pregnancy. This also saves time and money, and using proven sires, faster genetic improvements can be achieved. It is also likely that the ALPRO activity meter will result in less cows being culled for reproductive reasons, and this is another important cost saving.

Environmentally safe and economicAlpro activity meter

Since the sensor does not contain any mercury, it is non-toxic, and environmentally safe. The same goes for the battery which has an expected lifetime of 10 years. If removed from the cow and stored, the activity meter can be switched off to save the battery. This is another valuable feature of the ALPRO activity meter.

Continuously updated information

The ALPRO activity meter provides you with a unique radio link system which transfers data every hour, day and night, regardless of where the cows are. The signals are received by one or more antennas. Every transmission contains a rolling 24 hour period of data. This ensures that no data will be lost, even if a transmission should be missed.

Alpro activity meter communication antenna

Easy expansion and upgrading

The ALPRO system is built up of modules which enable you to select the system level that best suits your operation. The activity meter is one such module that can be added at any time without major rebuilding or replacement of components. Since the unit is independent from the main identification transponder you can easily reduce initial investment by just having sufficient meters for those cows expected to come into heat at any one time. The activity meters can also be placed on cows independent of the milking herd.

More reliable information through advanced data analysis

Some cows do not show clear visible signs when they are in heat. Likewise, some cows do not have a clear increase in activity. This means there might be a risk of false alarms. The ALPRO activity meter system 'learns' the individual activity behaviour of each cow and sets the alarm level accordingly. This technique minimises the number of heats not detected and avoids false alarms.

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