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DeLaval ACR5000.

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now with pulsation stop.

ACR5000 with a Harmony cluster

Electronic programmable Cluster Remover

ACR5000 can be programmed on farm to perform ultra-smooth cluster removal. The units can be placed into most types of parlour designs. ACR5000 utilises a well-proven float controlled flow sensor. The flow sensor gives an exact flow control and is not sensitive to varying conductivity in the milk stream. The pulsator is stopped as soon as the cluster is removed. This reduces the noise in the parlour and prolongs the pulsators durability.

The ACR5000 consists of a control unit, a control valve, a milk flow sensor and a retraction cylinder. These components are needed for each stall in the parlour.

Control Unit

The control unit is the heart of the ACR5000. It times the different delays and controls the solenoids in the control valve for retraction and milk line shut off. The milker controls milking through the key pad and there are lights which indicate the status of the system.

Control Valve

The control valve supplies vacuum to the retraction cylinder and the milk line shut-off at the flow sensor. It is mounted on the vacuum line and this is where it gets a supply of vacuum. By the design of the control valve, milking is possible if the control unit or valve is broken or damaged, and cleaning in place can be done even if the main power supply is switched off. The control valve allows automatic transfer of milk to the milk line once milking has ceased.

Milk Flow Sensor with milk line shut off

A milk flow of 0.3kg/min through the flow sensor will lift the float. When the flow drops below that value the float sinks to the bottom of the float chamber. A magnet in the float affects a magnetic reed switch which provides an electronic signal to the control unit. The flow rate is determined by the orifice of the drain tube riding inside the float. Optional drain tubes are available to provide sensing at different flow rates.

The milk line shut off consists of a diaphragm mounted on top of the flow sensor. Milking vacuum below and atmosphere above the diaphragm closes the valve, while the signal vacuum from the control valve opens it.

Retraction cylinder

The retraction cylinder is powered by vacuum from the control valve. It retracts the cluster after a signal from the control valve.


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