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Udder Hygiene and Teat Care

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Teats and udders in good shape have a better chance to resist attacks from micro-organisms. There is a strong correlation between sores on teats and mastitis. New infection will increase by at least 10 times if teats have wounds. By using the right ointments and liniments for preventative skin care, you ill protect both your cows and milk quality.

We have a wide range of aids for you to keep udders in good health, and to prevent cross infection.


It is important that the whole teat, not just the teat end , is disinfected.Teat disinfection may be carried out on two occasions, immediately prior to milking (pre-dipping) and after milking (post-dipping). The major effect of pre-dipping is against environmental mastitis. We all know that by keeping cows, yards and cubicles as clean as possible, we can reduce the incidence of coliform infections and pre-dipping is a logical extension of this. Usually the teat is thoroughly cleaned prior to milking, but washing and drying, or even dry wiping, helps to reduce dirt on the teat skin, both are by no means as effective as soaking the teat in disinfectant.

After experimental exposure of teats to Streptococcus uberis, American Farmers showed a 40% decrease in infected quarters were dipped in a disinfectant before milking, even though the teats had already been

Results from a UK field trial using the Alfa Laval product Quarter Mate, showed a similar 50% reduction in clinical mastitis incidence, although researchers , using half-strength post-dip as a pre-dip, showed a much more limited effect. Pre- dip should be applied prior to the application of the milking units, given a minimum contact time of 30 seconds and any surplus wiped off before attaching the cluster. Speed of action is vital. Quarter Mate, with 2-3ppm free iodine, (but low 0.1% total iodine) claims a very rapid action, with a 99.99% kill of teat surface bacteria within 30 seconds of application.

We have automated teat spraying systems from Alfa Laval, Cotswold, Ambic and Loheat. The operating methods vary slightly, from vacuum operation to low voltage electrical operation. All systems are designed for maximum durability.

Loheat Teat Spray TSI-3  Alfa-Laval Vacuspray - stainless steel

Still available are teat dip cups, foremilk cups and a variety of dips and sprays, and spare parts for most teat spray systems, including service exchange power units

New ideas are always on the horizon. Alfa Laval have two new products in the fight against udder hygiene and health. IodoZyme is a powder teat dip, and DryFlex is an aid to conventional dry cow therapy.


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