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DeLaval Rubbers and Fittings

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A rubber to suit all occasions!          E.P.D.M

You may not be familiar with this abbreviation, yet you have all ordered it, handled it, and bought it in enormous quantities in the last 25 years.

You may not be familiar with the properties of E.P.D.M.:-

Whilst most rubbers are black, they are very often made of different compounds to suit the intended application.

We have employed E.P.D.M. fittings and tubing in our installations for many years, and has provided the means of long life, cost effective dairy connections for many years.

With the introduction of Silicone we wish to make it clear to our customers that the choice of E.P.D.M. fittings and tubing continues to represent very good value compared to it's silicone alternatives.

It is not possible to mount just any kind of tubing in a milking plant and get it to perform well. In addition to the tubing being a material which endures milk, detergents and the tough environment in a parlour, it must also be soft and pliant and have well adjusted strength and elasticity. For example, pulse tubes should not get punctured and milk tube should not kink and limit the flow of milk when the cow moves. 

Furthermore, the milk tubes should be of a quality suited to food contact.

We have an entire range of approved tubing, sourced from suppliers the world over which is manufactured using carefully developed and optimised material.

If you need more information on replacement DeLaval Rubber ware or a quotation for a re-rubber, please contact us.


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