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GM Liberty Zenith Robotic Milking System

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Robotic Technology....

Robotic arm on the clean side of a GM Liberty Zenith four stall system.

The GM Liberty Zenith Automatic Milking System is modular. Depending on the requirements of the customer, the robotic arm may be linked to one, two, three or four milking boxes. The length of the box is adjustable for each cow by means of the controlled feed manger. When the information of each cow is programmed into the system, the length of the cow is needed to reduce the forward movement of the cow, which enables the robot to know where to start looking for the teats, and to prevent excess back and forward movement helping the clusters to stay attached.

The attachment of the cups to the teats is controlled by a system of double ultrasonic sound waves. A 'coarse' sensor detects the first teat and follows the movement of the animal. Then, depending on the location of the first teat, the 'fine' sensor locates the other teats and the attachment of the cluster follows. The attachment technique based on sound waves gives a good broad scanning range and is not sensitive to dust or dirt.

Just the front right to go

The GM Liberty Zenith Automatic Milking System uses a unique two stage check system to ensure correct attachment of the cluster. Detection of the position of the teat takes care of the successful attachment of the teat cup (by means of a sensor which can 'see' the teat through the liner); and the milk flow detector (one for each quarter) proves that the teat has been accurately located.

Having attached one unit, the robot waits for the next cow.

The washing of each teat is done separately inside the teat cup. The washing is based on a mixture of air and water. The risk of teat-to-teat cross infection is reduced to a minimum. Twice a day the whole system shuts down, and goes through an automatic washing cycle. The system can be programmed to wash an individual stall only after milking an antibiotic treated cow.

The robotic arm takes care of optimal positioning, the milking arm takes care of successful attachment and removal.

The robotic arm, after having attached the cluster may be used for other tasks like positioning the teat cups in other boxes. The system allows you to disable the robotic arm, and attach the teat cups manually. This could be important for a fresh cow getting used to the system.

With the cluster attached, the milking arm takes over.

Please note that the GM liberty AMS has now been withdrawn from the market indefinitely.


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