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DC Engineering Parlour Improvement Programme

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Does your parlour suffer from any of these problems?

Does your milking equipment need an overhaul?

Many parlours suffer because the machine quite simply isn't matched to today's cows and can't carry the workload required of it. With ever improving yields and higher flow rates, many milking machines have specifications - vacuum levels, pulsation, and claws - which have not been improved in line with the changes in the cows they milk.

There might be other more measurable signs that your milking equipment needs updating. The presence of contagious bacteria suggests that equipment is not operating effectively. We don't need to remind you that each new mastitis infection costs on average 100.00, and a poorly functioning milking machine can contribute to this problem.

Pacer EP100B electronic pulsator


Update and improve

All systems will work more effectively if maintained to a minimum standard as set out in ISO.

DC Engineering have several simple proven solutions that can improve your current equipment and help you to turn penalties into bonuses.

Remember; Parlour improvements can make genuine contributions to the reduction of new mastitis infections and SCC's.

For immediate benefits with no nonsense prices ask us about approved Parlour Improvement Projects that really work.

VRM series regulators


Extend the life of your parlour

The chances are, your existing stall work has not rusted away totally, so we can add new milk and wash lines to improve performance at the cluster, or new vacuum lines, regulator and vacuum pump to improve vacuum stability and airflow. 

Alfa Laval VP77 vacuum pump set


Make your routine easier

If your parlour is still in good condition, why not consider a set of automatic cluster removers to speed up your routine?

If you need more information on DC Engineering Parlour Improvements or a quotation for a new installation, please contact us.


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