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GM Liberty Robotic Milking System

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more than just a milking system....

In 2000, Gascoigne-Melotte (GM) agreed to the purchase of a major shareholding in AMS Liberty. This, coupled with the existing similarities between the two companies, led to a new company being formed - GM Liberty. As AMS Liberty did previously, GM Liberty will focus on the sale of automatic milking machines through it's existing GM network of dealers like milkingmachines.co.uk

GM Liberty will continue to offer both the Liberty and the Zenith systems in the product range. This decision will allow customers the choice of high or low level milking systems, ear tag or collar identification systems and a choice of herd management programmes. The Zenith will be equipped with GM milking equipment, whilst the Liberty will use Strangko parts.

In dairy farming, many things have changed in the last fifty years. During that period farmers changed from hand milking to mechanical milking, from stanchion barns to loose housing systems, from milk churns to bulk cooling tanks and now from mechanical milking to automatic milking.

four stall GM Zenith system (copyright of this picture belongs to Shaun Wheeler)

The present development can be outlined in a few words:-

The enlargement of dairy farms is carrying on at an accelerating speed. International competition leads to ever increasing productivity from the human being as well as from the animals. At the same time the desire for more freedom and flexibility increases.

Free time is not generally associated with dairy farming, but the new generations of farmers now need time to get away from the sometimes stressful environment in which they work. By using a robotic system, this is now a possibility rather than a dream. 

The dairy farming sector must operate in accordance with demands of the community. The requirements for higher quality of milk are increasing. The dairy cow's well being and environmental conditions for production are becoming more and more important to the consumer.

The GM Liberty system is the answer to all these developments.

The GM Liberty system enables farm enlargement without hiring more labour, increases milk productivity, gives freedom from early mornings in the middle of the winter and improves the quality of milk and the health of your high yielding dairy animals.

For over one hundred years, Gascoigne Melotte has been active internationally in the market of milking technology. Innovative ideas, solid quality and an outstanding service backup form the basis for the well being of thousands of clients throughout the world.

In the development of automatic milking Gascoigne Melotte was first. It launched revolutionary ideas, making the world aware of the possibilities of automatic milking. Gascoigne Melotte is also the first company to launch a total concept of automation and farm management.

The GM Liberty system achieves tremendous savings on labour. As a consequence, more time is available for management tasks. Farm enlargement may be carried out without hiring more labour. It also enables you to use your time more flexibly. This creates not only more time to spend with your family and on your social life but also on harvesting or other important work.

The GM Liberty  system has a favourable effect on the well being of the animals. Milking high yielding animals more frequently reduces the incidence of mastitis. Cows also suffer from less stress. Each cow defines her own rhythm of resting, milking and eating. All these matters have a positive influence on the cows life. Better health and fertility of the cows results in lower veterinary costs. And last but not least, with the GM Liberty system, you can produce more efficiently. Milking more often results in a considerable increase of milk production, while the increase in other costs are much less, for instance the cost of feeding. Your cows are able to produce much more without straining the udder whilst maintaining a good constitution. 

waiting  for a cow....(Copyright of this picture belongs to Shaun Wheeler)


Total concept

The GM Liberty Zenith Milking System consists of the four main components which are the most important to run your farm efficiently:

These four parts are integrated in a unified concept. Behind this there is a network of GM specialists who provide outstanding service and backup. GM dealers provide a 24 hour service, 7 days a week, 365 days per year.

Please note that GM liberty AMS has now gone into liquidation and the product has been withdrawn from the market.


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