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Dirty Water Storage and Disposal

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better to be safe than sorry.

Each year there are a lot of reported cases of water pollution. Generally, non agricultural sources account for 9/10 of all reported cases, with agriculture causing  the remainder. Most serious cases of pollution from agriculture came from slurry(28%), silage effluent(25%) and dirty water(19%).

Slurry - excreta produced by livestock whilst in a yard or building or a mixture consisting wholly or mainly of such excreta, bedding, rainwater and washings from a building or yard used by livestock or any combination of these; of a consistency that allows it to be pumped or discharged by gravity at any stage in the handling process.

Silage Effluent - an acidic waste from ensiled crops.  

Dirty Water - a waste, generally less than 3% dry matter made up of water contaminated by manure, crop seepage, milk or other dairy products or cleaning materials.

The cheapest and most effective way to dispose of dirty water is by the low rate irrigation method. Generally this system uses a variety of small capacity electric pumps, with associated control gear and alarm systems. This method usually uses settlement tanks or lagoons to collect dirty water before it is pumped onto suitable land through small bore plastic pipes. Sprinklers are used to apply the liquid at rates of up to 5mm/hour (0.2"/hour). Traveling irrigators with low application rates can also be used. These are typically pulled along with a trailing hose connected at the centre of the run. 

Good management of any system is of paramount importance. Pollution can happen because sprinklers or irrigators are not moved often enough, the application rate is too high or they are used on unsuitable land.

Maintenance of dirty water systems is of vital importance. Basic work can be carried out by the farmer himself, but annual servicing should be carried out by your local specialist. Pumps, filters and control gear need to be regularly checked to make sure they are working correctly. Warning devices are there for a reason, and if the system keeps showing alarm situations, check it out properly, or call in your local engineer. The system is very often designed to shut down if either high or low pressure levels arise, or float switches and dry run alarms are designed not to let the system run if the pump is dry. Another time of necessary alarm is the frost stat, which prevents damage caused by frozen pipes or pumps.

DC Engineering offer a wide range of dirty water storage and disposal systems, with links to many of the major manufacturers.


Tractor Driven Pumps

Tractor driven pumps

There are two ranges of tractor driven pumps, the first being fixed, and the second being moveable.

Fixed tractor-driven, long shaft pumps for different tractor sizes and efficient slurry handling. These feature a rugged galvanized body and housing for long life and self lubricating bearings. Easy to operate with two handles forming a safety platform. These pumps feature a cutter ring in combination with the pump wheel to give 7,500 chopping actions per minute, and mixing the material into a homogeneous slurry. Available for tractor sizes from 50 - 120 hp, and in lengths of 1.3m - 4.3m.

The TP360VS and TP355S are specially designed pumps for applications where the pumps are frequently moved, used in stores with different depths or above ground slurry stores up to 2.5m above ground.


Electric Pumps

Electric pumps

Designed in a modular system for maximum flexibility and long lasting performance with minimal maintenance. These pumps are all galvanized for long life, featuring self lubricating rubber bearings with proven service life and low service requirements. A precision engineered 3-blade screw impellor cuts straw and solids so even thick slurry can be pumped. The system is available with 15, 20 or 25hp motors and different stands and holders as options. We offer a wide range of pipes, valves and fittings for pumping slurry in circulation or into the main store. A specially designed pump and quick coupling makes connection to underground pipe systems quick and easy.


Cascade™ Drainage Pumps

Stainless steel drainage pump   Cast iron drainage pump

Submersible pumps specially suited for the parlour pit. Reliable pumps for large volumes of dirty liquids that contain solids and fibers from a just-cleaned parlour. Available in cast iron and stainless steel models.


Ameram AM*-205/505/705 Dirty Water Systems

ameram dirty water system 

High Performance - unique floating multi-stage centrifugal pumps give high pressures and high throughputs.

Easy to Install - one man portable, ready to install in tanks, lagoons, blind ditches. No civil works, no pump-house, no frost protection required.

Simple to Power - only a 13 Amp 220/240 Volt single phase electrical supply required.

Fully Automatic - automatic control of high and low liquid level. Audible and visible alarms for system failures.

Nationwide Support - with systems and dealers though out the UK, Ameram provides rapid reaction product support nationwide.

Warranty - 12 months comprehensive warranty.

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