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DeLaval Turnstyles rotary milking systems

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For medium and large dairy herds.

Turnstyles Rotary Milking Systems are integrated solutions for high throughput, optimum cow positioning, stress-free milking procedures and maximum milk yield.

With a wide range of design features and levels of automation, the Turnstyles Rotary Milking Systems have what it takes to meet your requirements.

The systems are designed to ensure smooth and continuous cow traffic, from the housing area to the collecting yard and during the milking process itself. This smoother way of moving cows enables the milker to spend more time on the important aspects of milking, which generates more efficient routines.

The constant working routine enables both the milker and the cows to be easily trained, and the rotation speed of the parlour can be varied to suit the farm. The result is high throughput and less time spent milking.

Turnstyles Rotary Milking Systems are built entirely from modules, and that means reduced installation time.


DeLaval offers two main designs and a range of sizes

Turnstyles PR

Turnstyles PR rotary parlour        


For large dairy farms. The identical fixed stalls encourage cows to move readily onto the platform, since they think they are moving into the same stall at each milking. Milking is therefore made more pleasant for both cows and milkers. The strong partitions give the timid cows security, and prevent aggressive cows from pushing or intimidating others.


Turnstyles HBR

Turnstyles HBR rotary parlour      

For medium and large dairy farms. The cow is gently guided into a good milking position by an automatic sequence gate, which also acts as a separator between the cows. The Turnstyles HBR can be equipped with in-parlour feeding and self locking head yokes for the cows. With ergonomics in mind, the system is designed to give the best possible working conditions for the milker. The milker can work in a comfortable position with easy access to the cow for teat cleaning and cluster attachment, and at the same time have good visibility of all cows.

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