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DeLaval Parallel Parlours.

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for improved milking speed and comfort.

Blue Diamond Parallel

Blue Diamond Parallel™

A clean and attractive high capacity parlour that is available in galvanised or stainless steel. Group exiting allows cows to exit either simultaneously or in groups. Group indexing allows milking to start before the parlour is fully loaded.




Hot-dipped galvanised steel construction for all parlour environments, no matter how demanding. Indexing system for safe and excellent cow positioning. Short walking distance improves man-hour performance, while the stainless steel splash shield with manure channel provides clean and comfortable milking. The compact pit edge ensures ergonomically correct working conditions.


Side-by-Side - The flexible parlour for greater variation.


Due to its simple, compact construction, the Side-by-Side parlour offers good utilisation of space. This makes it an interesting solution for both reconstructions and for new buildings. The parlour offers great flexibility regarding exiting. The cows are positioned at 90 degrees to the milking pit by sequence gates. With conventional exit, the sequence gates are lifted by an electric drive unit at the same time the exit gate opens and the cows walk out. The sequence gates are lowered before the next group of cows enter the parlour. With front exit, the cows exit quickly when the breast rail is lowered and the neck rail is raised. The rails can be operated manually or by air pressure.

change groups quickly and easily with a Side-by-Si parallel parlourde

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