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DeLaval Herringbone Parlours.

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for smoother cow traffic.

EuroHerringbone 50 degree

EuroHerringbone™ 50 degree

The cows are placed at an angle of 50 degrees for a more compact parlour solution. This is a valuable advantage, especially when renovating an old parlour, as more cows are milked at the same time. The reduced distance between cows, thanks to the wider angle, shortens the milkers walking distance and makes the cluster easier to see and reach. It also shortens the cow's path into the parlour. Thanks to the staggered rump and breast rail defining each cow's place, each cow will easily get into the right position.


Eurostall Herringbone

EuroStall™ Herringbone

Hot-dipped galvanised steel for the harsh parlour environment. The EuroStall Herringbone features wide opening gates, movable breast rail and semi-staggered rump rail which all help ensure safe and correct cow positioning during milking. Smooth and compact pit-edge brings the milker closer to the udder and assures top comfort, ergonomics and safety for the milker.


Blue Diamond Herringbone

Blue Diamond Herringbone All Exit™

This parlour has a strong, robust construction of galvanised or stainless steel. The All Exit system enables the cows to exit the parlour simultaneously, while a unique indexing system and excellent cow positioning ensure safe and comfortable milking. The suspended rump rail ensures good visibility. The parlour is available in two versions, Olympic and Contour.


Milkers eye view in a Blue Diamond Herringbone All Exit.


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Isle of Wight weather conditions.

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