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DeLaval Duovac™ Milking Unit.

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For an easy milking procedure.

Duovac milking unit

With the Duovac milking unit, the milker has more time to supervise the animals and the stress factor is reduced. As the name implies, the system works on a dual vacuum level, a low vacuum level to stimulate the cow and speed up milk let down, and normal milking vacuum level once milk flow has reached the rate which you decide. At the end of milking when milk flow slows right down, the system goes back to low vacuum level until you take the unit off.

Duovac - The Duovac system means that the milking process is controlled by the flow of milk from each individual cow. Stimulation and milking are always performed in the same way and you will achieve good emptying of the udder, which is important for accomplishing high lactation yield and maintaining good udder health.

For every barn - Duovac is suitable for all types of milking installation and can just as easily be used in stanchion barn systems as in all types of parlours.

Update with EP70 - A new generation of smart electronic pulsators from DeLaval is now available. Use these to update your Duovac system to an even more reliable milking system.


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