Davlec electronic milking parlour control equipment

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Davlec electronic milking parlour control equipment

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Welcome to milkingmachines.co.uk, suppliers of Davlec electronic milking parlour control equipment. Davlec Ltd. is a Mid-Wales based electronics company with over 20 years experience specialising in design and manufacture of control equipment for milking parlours.

We have looked at the range, and quality of equipment offered by Davlec, and have now added it to our ever growing portfolio of dairy equipment on offer to you. It offers exceedingly good value for money, and will offer years of reliable service.

Davlec electronic feeder control equipment

The Davlec range of in parlour feed control systems and feeder boxes

The range of electronic feeder control equipment offered by Davlec continues to rapidly expand. Despite being one of the smaller companies in the market place, the quality and range of the equipment is every bit as good as the bigger players in the field, but the prices remain well below mainstream manufacturers, offering you, the customer, a very high quality product at a very reasonable price. The range available includes replacement boxes for older installations, through to individual point controllers and fully programmable systems.

Davlec electronic feed management system

Davlec feed management system for the milking parlour

The DFMS (Davlec Feed Management System) is programmed from the farm office, and uses a pc to take full control of your in parlour feeding requirements. This system can link to milk recording devices along with automatic identification systems to give you the ultimate in automated control.

Davlec electronic out of parlour feeding system

Davlec out of parlour feeding system for cows

The low cost out of parlour feeding system from Davlec offers a very reasonably priced system, controlled by an easily programmable splash-proof control box. The system uses sturdy, hot dip galvanised feed stations and Allflex electronic ear tags.

Davlec parlour control equipment

Save money cooling your milk in your ice bank bulk milk tank

Davlec offer a wide range of auxiliary parlour control equipment, ranging from money saving off peak ice bank control systems, through pulsation control boxes, liquid level controls and plant washing systems. All are excellent quality systems at exceptionally reasonable prices.

Davlec electronic repair service
Davlec repairs a wide range of products from many of the country's leading milking machine manufacturers including:
  • Automatic cluster removal cards.
  • Feeder controls
  • Milk pump controllers
  • Pulsation controls

We would be pleased to quote for the repair of any other similar control equipment.

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