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GM Liberty Robotic Milking System

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Cooling System....

Schematic of GM Coolstar cooling system.

GM Coolstar - The direct cooling system.

As a consequence of the never ending demand for higher quality of milk, it is of the utmost importance that the milk en-route from the robot to the cooling tank is cooled quickly. Development of bacteria must be avoided. Specially for the robotic milking system, GM developed a direct cooling system called the Coolstar. This system guarantees cooling of the milk from the cow to the required storage temperature within minutes.

This in-house developed cooling system consists of a compact tube cooler installed in the direct vicinity of the Robot, an IKV9 cooling unit, a 260-500 litre insulated upright buffer tank including a milk pipeline and valve system. The Coolstar system is adapted and integrated within the GM Liberty Automatic Milking System and meets the highest demands.

Due to robotic systems milking over a 24-hour period, milk flow into the tank is very slow. A special DX milk tank has been developed for these installations which features a tapered evaporator plate. Those of you familiar with DX milk tanks are only too aware that if the tank is switched on with little or no milk inside, there is a problem with milk freezing to the bottom. To overcome this problem, the new GM DX tank features a tapered evaporator plate, meaning that when there is little or no milk in the tank, only a small portion of the base of the tank is exposed to the cooling effect. As more milk enters the tank, and the level rises, more plate comes into contact with the milk, resulting in very efficient cooling with no problems of milk freezing in the tank.

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Please note that the GM liberty AMS has now been withdrawn from the market indefinitely.


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